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Sunday, July 21 2013

Yes, we all age. Yes, we all receive damage from the sun, wind, sand, snow, heat, cold, in fact, just about everything. However, we do not necessarily need to have the skin on our hands, neck, face, arms, etc look like and old saddle that was left out in the rain and then sun dried without any saddle oil. We can have people look at us and think we are 10-15 years younger than we are. So, a jar of Avon Genics facial cream costs about $38.00 and last for about 3 mos. That breaks down to only about $0.42 a day. Can you give up 1/2 can of coke a day? Can you give up 1 cigarette a day? Sure you can. If that isn't good enough, try Avon's new Elements line of skin care products. The Youth Restoring Anti-Wrinkle creams (day, night,or eye) are the most expensive...$12.99. Using the same length of time it comes out to only $0.14 a day. And if it only lasted you 1 month, it would still only be a little over $0.42 a day. So, since cost really isn't a factor any more, and everyone wants to look younger and have healthier skin, why haven't you called me to order some of the Avon Elements Skin Care Products?? I'm waiting... :-)

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